It’s Not Romance; It’s Science

Featuring: Tze, Ben

Other possible titles I considered:
No Need To Get Soppy
Free Drugs

The Easter Egg Hunt will start later this week! I’m hiding Easter Eggs on the blog as I write this…more details will follow, but in case you find some already here’s the short version:
-Write down the names of the eggs (displayed next to them).
-Send me a list of the eggs you found either by e-mail, in a private Twitter message or private Facebook message.
-The deadline is March 31st.
-Why? Because it’s fun and there will be PRIZES!

Oxytocin, the love drug. And it's free!


Get A Badge Of Yourself Turned Into A Comic Character :O

Featuring: Tze

I’m currently doing other commissions as well, so numbers are limited!
Here’s the QUICK version and here’s the FULL version (very limited almost sold out).

Use the coupon codes at checkout, no registration needed.

MEHFIED2 is valid on a minimum order of one QUICK version. You’ll receive €2 off the price.
MEHFIED4 is valid on a minimum order of one FULL version. You’ll receive €4 off the price.

Lemme know if you have any questions or want to order more badges! Leave a comment, e-mail me or send a Tweet! :3

I will draw you as a comic character?