Storm Power Outage And Photoshop <3

Featuring: Tze

Ack, this is the first comic of June but we’re already halfway through the month! o_O
I jumped on the opportunity to attend another con (Animecon in the Netherlands) right after coming back from DoKomi so Mêh Blog has been neglected a bit… It was doing so well, though. >_< My aim is to at least get close to the 7 comics that were posted last month (there were 10 in April…cough).
If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to come say hi on Twitter (I’m pretty active there around con dates) or have a look at Instagram! Thank you for still hanging around (you’re prolly used to it by now 😅)!

PS: The pc survived.

My computer turned itself off during a power outage caused by a storm...while I was Photoshopping.


Last Chance: Pre-Order Your Commission Badge Before DoKomi!

In short:
1. Order your badge here May 15th latest. No need to create a user account!
2. Pick up your badge at DoKomi in Hall 14, booth D03 Fashion Area (look for balloons!) on May 19+20.

I’ll be at DoKomi 2018 in Düsseldorf selling my Etsy stuff (AND the last copies of the Mêh Blog 2010+2011 books) on the weekend of May 19+20! Last year I did these commission badges for the first time and…was overwhelmed by the requests. I was literally still drawing until 10 minutes past closing time, people were left waiting for 3 hours and everything hurt afterwards. T_T To avoid that I’m offering pre-orders this year that can be picked up at the con itself.

This is also the last chance to get these badges for only €4 each! The price will go up at the con.

In case you can’t make it to DoKomi the badge can be shipped with tracking for €4 within Germany and €7 elsewhere. Just make sure to order on May 15th LATEST before the price goes up!

Pre-order your commission badge before DoKomi!


Joining The #gymleadersona Challenge…

Featuring: Awkward Gym Leader Tze

I really should be using this public holiday to do more for the DoKomi convention (it’s next weekend already, eep!) but I stumbled upon this #gymleadersona hashtag on Twitter…and couldn’t resist.😜
It contains me in Mêh Blog form, so it’s legit. Okay? >_>
(Explanation: These are not Pokémon I’d pick, but I didn’t want to stick to one type like gym leaders do…and then it hit me that I could go against type discrimination. Mr Mime, Machamp and Geodude can all be female despite their appearances and names, and Unown, Starmie and Ditto are genderless. Ha! 😈)

Ahhh this was so much fun to draw! I’m quite happy with it. :3

I've joined the #gymleadersona challenge