Hi, there! This is Mêh Blog, a diary comic by Tze. Originally there were 1000+ comics on here, but I moved host and…everything’s a bit of a mess now. A lot of things got lost. Comments from my dear readers, blog pages, all gone.

This comic spanned over 15 years and it would be a shame to let it go forgotten. I don’t know if I’ll manage to restore things completely, or at least reupload all the comics.

Thanks for stopping by, if there’s anything you’d like to ask me as reader from Mêh Blog, you can find me on Twitter/X als xxTze, on Instagram as heytze and on Ko-fi as heytze. (Yeah, I draw a lot of Pokémon fan art nowadays, that’s me.)

2 thoughts on “What is this website?

  1. Hey Tze! Happy to read you again! Not sure if I ever commented here but I’m a long-time lurker, hah. I have my own Journal Comic (

    I’m a web developer too, and I’ll be glad to help you recover your site, I have WordPress experience. Just send me an email!

    1. Hiya, that’s nice to hear! Hmmm sadly it’s a case of having moved domain only (I thought I’d moved the whole thing), and deleting the website at the old host. I could get it recovered if I cancel my current host and move back, pay an extra fee, etc. Considered it, but…maybe I’ll just leave it. :’) Thank you for offering, though! And for saying hi!

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