Why Can’t We Get Ice Cream In Winter?!

Featuring: Tze, Foz

Grrr… I’m against ice cream parlours closing during winter (even if it makes perfect sense)! I can’t wait until Eis Fontanella Frankfurt (German website) opens again! Marron Glacé or Pavesini… hmm…

Okay, their website is boring. But this is one of my favourite ice cream places in Frankfurt (why are there so many actually? Not complaining…). <3 Such a huge assortment of homemade Italian ice cream, and it changes too!

7 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Get Ice Cream In Winter?!

  1. Freezie43110 says:

    The moment the daily temperature here drops below 75°F, all the snowcone stands and ice-cream parlors shut down. I don’t care if it’s snowing! I want my grape snowcone!

      • Mic says:

        Even over here, we go to an ice cream stall, where i’m a regular. That stall is the only place in my town where you get such a treat.

        Of course, if you find packs of Ingman ice cream, then it’s possible to get such a treat…well, anywhere.

        Just so you know, it wasn’t an ad. I just think it’s the only company that makes pecan nut icecream. And the only one with a custom mint style.

          • Mic says:

            Yeah. I don’t know if there’s other companies, but the best combo is a little nougat infused pecan nut ice cream and small, black chips of some sort of mint-ish stuff on mint green mint ice cream.

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