6 thoughts on “When The Cat’s Away…But Not Too Literally, Please…

  1. Patrick says:

    Maar de hamvraag is: was het wèl lekker? (lazy translation: but did it taste good?)

    @891afd2cb12c6d8880bd23e41b767119:disqus We used to have Royal Dutch Mail but after privatization and various cuts and name changes (read: a steady decline of services) it now is called TNT. I alway assumed it was an international company so I am surprised you only found Trinidad and Tobago. 

    • Moom says:

      Ofcourse that must be it. The old name of the company is too deeply trenched in, so I (and many others, I think) still have a blind spot for their new name. Must feel quite troublesome for their communication department.

      • Tze says:

        Yup that’s the one. ;) I used to work at TPG (even earlier called PTT) and quit around the time it was taken over by TNT, and the uniforms resembled the ones from Star Trek…

  2. Moom says:

    Out of my bare head, I only know TNT as an explosive.  A Google search found ‘Trinidad and Tobago’ as a location for the abbreviation. Could it be ‘The Netherlands’ (NL) ?

    Indeed, cat food of the ‘Sheba” brand. These have a similar container, only octagonal. I only remember this because the women in their commercials seemed so purry/feline themselves.

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