2 thoughts on “One More Month Until Spring Starts

  1. moom says:

    It’s because your stance in the fourth panel is all wrong. Put one foot forward, bend your knees slightly, to lower your center of gravity and seek a good balance. Now turn your upper body sideways and raise your hands to breast height, one hand should be a bit diagonally behind the other. The cup/claw-shaped hands gesture you’ve made is good, keep that (just not above your head). Pretend that you wear spandex and tense up all your muscles in a “Must Use That Force”-fashion, then recite your sun-luring mantra.
    Works every time for me.

    • Tze says:

      Hahahahaa you are totally right, I apologise for not trying properly.. XD Or maybe I should’ve used the Sun Salutation yoga pose.

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