Visiting Nozomi & G. From ‘Bring Me Bonsai’

Featuring: Tze, Nozomi, G.

Check out Nozomi’s Bring Me Bonsai diary comic if you haven’t already!
I now realise it may just mean ‘fishing out ingredients with chopsticks and slurping the rest directly from the bowl’.

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5 thoughts on “Visiting Nozomi & G. From ‘Bring Me Bonsai’

  1. Kiriain says:

    Silly Tze, you eat the chunks with chopsticks and then slurp the soup. You were just thinking that you have to somehow scoop the broth with your chopsticks.

  2. Nozomi Horibe says:

    Ahhhh! G is soooo cuuuuute! And the hairy ginger in the bun! hahaha! I really love the way you draw food, Tze. I would totally support your illustrated (with color!) food/recipe diary! and lololol at “the test”! I had no idea that was going through your head at the time…!! bahahaha

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