7 thoughts on “Valentine Is For Chocolate Opportunists

  1. rose says:

    Also didn´t see valentines choco that much this year.. but, better for me since I made the promise at newyear to loose some weight  :3
    Looking forward ‘white day’ though (/ * -*)/~

      • Moom says:

        From what I’ve seen in anime, the boys are not supposed to give something to eatable in return, but instead something nice/romantic to wear or carry with you. (hairpin, broche, cell-phone strap thingy and such)

  2. Moom says:

    Although commerce have tried very, very (even extremely) hard, Valentine never gained a really strong foothold on mainland Europe. I think it’s because we dislike the “Winner takes all”- mentality that (for us) is associated with it.
    Of course high school TV shows are a bit exaggerated, but I think they are not that far from the truth when they depict Valentine as a harsh kind of beauty contest, for which the less popular kids are more or less forced to participate involuntary.

    • Tze says:

      I just remember Valentine’s Day back home-home as the appearance of chocolate and cheesy low-quality gifts at the chemist (red, scented ‘wellness’ candles from etos!). Pure capitalism. :p

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