Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Featuring: Tze

Okay, maybe not ALL of them.

And here’s another giveaway! …Okay, so it’s second hand. I’m giving away my Ojyu onigiri box, because I hardly use it (like twice before). I do admit it’s quite handy to store guacamole and tortilla crisps in. :D Here it is:

The lower compartment is microwaveable (without the lids, so only the shallow black part!). The box is very sturdy and doesn’t absorb smells. I’d recommend hand washing to avoid damaging the print (but I’m sure it can handle a bit of scrubbing). Capacity is 100 ml + 150 ml.

How to win this?
1. Go to the Mêh facebook fan page at and Like any comic from the Comics photo album, or any post on the Wall.
2. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced next Tuesday, 21 February.
3. Unlimited Likes allowed of course, but only one entry per person. :p Previous Likes don’t count.
4. Being a fan is not necessary to enter this draw.

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