14 thoughts on “Using Nailpolish (part 1)

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  2. peninmyhair says:

    It does take a bit of practice, nail polish can be so much fun! I’ve started using nail polish (again) a few weeks (maybe three) ago and I already notice that it’s working better already. Even my right hand has less messy cuticles already (unless I’m doing gradients which involves a lot of dabbing with a spongy eye-shadow applicator.).

    Remover pens are imho unnecessary and expensive. Nail polish comes off skin better than nails. Soak your fingers in slightly soapy water for a bit and it should come right off. Or go for a shower/hairwash etc.

    • Tze says:

      It came off so easily! Someone else also mentioned this as a tip, and stressed that cheap nail polish seems to work best. So no remover pens and overpriced nail polish anymore. This whole thing is getting cheaper and cheaper, ha! Awesome. :D Thanks!

      …Well, I do say that, but being a fan of the essie brand doesn’t help. >_>

      • peninmyhair says:

        I disagree with the cheap nail polish part. Cheap nail polishes tend to ‘bubble’ when the layers are too think, they easily chip and peel and the coming off cuticles isn’t too different from higher priced nail polishes. Also, I’ve got yet to find a cheap nail polish that’s free of toluene et al.

        I’m myself a fan of OPI and butterLONDON, I haven’t tried essie yet. But both of those brands don’t chip away like the cheaper ones I own, mainly at the tip of the nail and I can just dab some nailpolish there to make it perfect for another two or three day. Generally they last for between half or a whole week for me.

        • Tze says:

          I will try the peeling-off method with essie soon. Would be perfect if it works like you said, as essie can stay fine up to a week, too. What’s toluene? I usually only pay attention to whether it’s been tested on animals or not…
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          • peninmyhair says:

            Toluene and DBP are common solvents in (mostly cheap) nail polishes that are not exactly healthy. Formaledehyde also belongs in that group of “not exactly healthy” but actually does help hardening nails, so it’s a matter of opinion.

            Also I might be imagining things, but I don’t get the problem where I paint over a not completely desert and bone dry layer of nail polish and the whole nailpolish just turns into a gloopy semi-dry mess that I can scrape off.

  3. Dom Romer says:

    Sorry Tze, I’m doing a catch-up so commenting on older comics! (It’s ex-UK team Patrick!) Why not just paint your fingertip roughly and wipe off the excess with the remover?

  4. DerKeks says:

    … probiers doch einfach mal wenn du die Hand auf einen Tisch legst, beide Hände gleichzeitig still zu halten ohne sie irgendwo aufzulegen schafft man ohne Übung auch nicht ;)

    Gruß und so

  5. Athalie Pøisøn Lalae says:

    I <3 nailpolish! I've started to wear it again after a very long period in which I bit my nails, it's true what Linda says: practice makes you perfect! I have more troubles in trying to not scratch it while drying XD
    I'm curious too, what colours? I just bought electric blue, green and orange! *_*

  6. Linda van Ballegooijen says:

    Practise makes perfect! I’m not one of the girly girls, I even paint my whole fingertop haha but I’m getting beter the more you do it. Also: What colour? :D

  7. Nozombie says:

    I’m no good at painting my nails either. I just paint all over my nails/fingers and just try to get it off later. Also, WHERE IS TEH PENIS COMIC?!

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