3 thoughts on “Tried And Tested: Cashew Cream

  1. Mic says:

    Sandwiches, eh? That reminds me, i have this fast snack sandwich receipe.


    two slices of preferred bread (bun).
    two slices of preferred meat product/salad.
    half a handful of mozzarella cheese.
    preferred spice (ketchup, pickle salad, mustard…even wasabi…)

    Take slices of bread. (Halve the bread buns.)
    (Lay a thin layer of butter on the halves)
    Place the slices of meat/salad on the bread.
    Place half a handful of mozzarella on the meat/salad.
    Microwave for 1:00.
    When done, add preferred spice on both sides of the meat/salad&mozzarella combo, leave the meat/salad intact.
    Repeat if not plentiful.

    • Tze says:

      Ha, mozzarella fixes everything (and cements it all in place) doesn’t it? I knew someone who used to microwave cheese sandwiches though… how it stank!
      Thanks for the tip. :)

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