5 thoughts on “You Win This Time, Hat

  1. Moom says:

    Yesterday I did one of the many ice-skating tours that are currently organised in The Netherlands, a nice tour of 25 km length through nature reserve “De Wieden”. Because I have a massive bush of thick curly hair on my head, I can do so without any headwear. This sparked a funny comment by one of the other skaters participating to the event. He came up to me and told me: “When I spotted you from a distance, I thought: ‘What a nice and original hat you’re wearing’, but only now I see it’s not a hat at all!”

    • Tze says:

      Ha, hopefully that didn’t turn awkward! Well done btw on doing that tour, brrrrr. O_O Were there Unox booths waiting for you at the end?

      • Moom says:

        Not at all, I thought it was quite funny. I replied: “No sir, it’s 100% genuine natural fur”. On several locations along the route, they had the full range of traditional skate festival food items available, I had “Snert” (A thick and richly filled split-pea soup) Skating keeps me warm, I only got a bit cold afterwards, when I had to bike back against the wind to the Meppel trainstation.
        Yesterday I’ve skated on de “Kortenhoefse Plassen”. The boots there were beginning to encounter some supply problems, because of the demand created by the many skating frestivals being organised everywhere. They told me that nationwide the wholesale supply of “gevulde koek” had run out.

          • Moom says:

            [grin] A bit like those anime’s where someone screams “NOOOOO” and the scene pans out and keeps doing so until you see the Earth’s sphere hanging in space while you still hear the hollow sound of the “NOOOOO”

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