12 thoughts on “This Is How Much I Love Cooking

  1. Sheika Lugtu says:

    I love cooking! The longer it takes, the more complicated the steps, the better. I like to imagine I’m an evil scientist brewing up a pot of evily…evil-ness.

    Wish I could try your mochi. I love mochi, but I can only get them stale. :(

    • Tze says:

      That’s an amazing comparison! Brewing a pot of evilness… I’ll keep that in mind next time I make kimchi stew! >:3 I really liked your strip where you drew yourself as a little girl, with your dad vaguely explaining to you how to cook… made me chuckle, hehe.

      I can get relatively fresh mochi (deep-frozen) but they’re so expensive… there’s one Korean place that does fresh ones, but only on Saturdays and they’re gone in a few hours. T_T

  2. MiniMoose says:

    I’d say making yourself happy is justification enough :) I wish I had the time/energy/desire to cook meals all the time. Enjoy what you love (though I totally get the price issues)!

    Your comics are super adorable, I’m off to read more.

    • Tze says:

      It’s a bit silly to make two meals for one evening though. I want to eat it all, but can’t! Hmm, maybe I should invest in a massive freezer…

      Thank you for reading, and welcome to my blog! :3

  3. Moom says:

    This story reminds me of the opening scene in Ang Lee’s film “Eat Drink Man Woman”, I watched in awe the fascinating cooking frenzy depicted there.
    But my favorite cooking movie of all times still is “Tampopo” by the Japanese director Juzo Itami

    • Tze says:

      Haha, I thought it looked a bit weird as I drew it. Kind of like me releasing a super power onto the world…

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