11 thoughts on “I Bet This Happens In Every Office Kitchen

  1. Mic says:

    Anothr office tip, (actually a schoolboy’s sensibility) dig under the cardboard casing with your finger, and let it stick to the rough surface of the cube. Pull the finger out, and the cube gets loose enough to pull off without nails.

  2. Lucthefriendlytroll says:

    I’ve read and lurked for a while, but I have to finally comment to tell you my secret technique!
    Which is to pick up the box, and bop the sides of the box until those hidden sugar cube side into the middle. Or the bottom until one of the below layer pops up. Its a little messy but you wind up with unbroken cubes.

    • Tze-Ting Chao says:

      We’ve got an office expert here! :D
      Hm, hitting the box on the bottom would probably erupt into sugarsplosion when I do it… *has a past experience with coffee frothsplosions* I’ll try the side technique though, thanks!

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