4 thoughts on “Things I Miss And Don’t Miss About The Netherlands

  1. Rembrand says:

    I’ve been thinking about the difference in rudeness/politeness between where I live (Belgium) and places I’ve been this year. Belgium is a bit the same as the Netherlands. Maybe a bit more overtly rude and ‘politically incorrect’ in the humor though. So far, San Francisco wins the gold, hands down. Hung out with Ray and Alex of Buttersafe, they are totally awesome guys and great ambasadors. Maybe it’s the climate? I’m going to Frankfurt in January so I’ll pay close attention to how it’s over there. :D

    • Tze says:

      I’ve been to a few places in Belgium but the only city where I actually interacted with people was in Ghent, which perhaps isn’t the best example. If it was, you’d be living in the best country in the world, hahaha!
      San Francisco is a bit out of the way and I hate flying, so stalking Buttersafe will be my only option for now. :p I’m shaking my fist at you though.

      I hope you’ll enjoy Frankfurt, not the people, but the city. Should’ve planned your trip in summer when the city is at its best!

  2. Tze says:

    Ah yeah, I realised I didn’t make it very clear in the comic… meant in the Netherlands.

    The open-mindedness in NL is a bit… dubious. People motivate you to do your own thing, yet if you choose to not lead a ‘normal’ life, they’ll tell you with a smile that that’s great… while thinking otherwise.

    Haven’t tried asking the people here (Germany) yet to see what they think. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fellow expat in the low lands here.
    So wait, was it the Dutch or the Germans that are looking down on people with different ideas? I’ve never stayed in Germany, so I’m interested how open-minded the guys are over there in comparison :-)

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