12 thoughts on “I love Zoo & Co.!

  1. Zomink says:

    How did I miss this comic? Squeee! One of my (realistic) dream pets is an iguana too! Although if it were possible I would totally get a sloth, a tapir, a binturong (bear cat), and a wombat!

      • Zomink says:

        Yes. Am very easily converted! I got to pet a lemur at the Tierpark the other day and I was totally smitten by them. And to think that I actually really disliked them before…! squeeeee

        • Tze says:

          Hm, I hate (or seriously dislike) anything that resembles a primatebut I bet my opinion would change as soon as I could pet one. -_- Lemurs have a different face anyway.

  2. Mr Hagi says:

    Lately I’ve been thinking of getting a rat as well. But since it would be alone for great parts of the day, I’d have to get at least two. Like yourself, I never had any furry pet, only some fish. However, those are quite cool. You can actually play hide and seek with Schmerle and Scheibenputzer.^^

    • Tze says:

      Wait… you play hide-and-seek with your fish? XD
      Yeah, getting two rats would be best, they’re social animals aren’t they. And when you go out during weekends you can put one on each shoulder! :3

    • Tze says:

      Er… indoor pond? I don’t know how, but I love big fish and sturgeons are just awesome and weird. :3

      • charlotte sometimes says:

        must be quite a big pond then ^^ (but then again, housing in Frankfurt is a lot cheaper than it is here. )

        • Tze says:

          Yeah, especially since sturgeons can become massive. XD
          Is it? To be honest I haven’t really compared prices (it’ll be WG for a looong time– if I even ever decide to go for Immobilien here).

  3. Moom says:

    Those favorite pets of yours don’t seem so weird to me. I know a webcomic, where a girl has a zombie Godzilla as pet, and  it’s faforite food are old game platform consoles and associated peripherals. Thát is a weird taste.
    The flying turtle in the last panel reminds me of “Love Hina”.

    • Tze says:

      Yeah but that’s a webcomic that evolves around a fictional person. XD Ha, I’d love a turtle that was only half as cute. Maybe I can look for one that meows as well.

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