A Visual Review Of The Thing (Prequel)

Featuring, Tze, Ben

I watched the original twice and loved it (amazing special effects for that time, wow!!!). The newly released prequel is entertaining, but obviously not that good. For example, I dislike the fact that the protagonist is a pretty and intelligent young lady who’s always right, but no one believes her. Come on! The film contains quite a lot of other clichés and stereotypes, and all monsters have been ‘inspired’ by other films (and videogames)– BUT it was really fun to watch.

2 thoughts on “A Visual Review Of The Thing (Prequel)

  1. Cooking Gallery says:

    Hi Tze, I really enjoy reading your comic strips, I think they’re hilarious :)!! I am sorry that you didn’t win the contest, but I can tell you that your bento was in the top 10 list, but we could unfortunately only choose 2 winners :(. Anyway,  I hope you’re not too disappointed and at least enjoyed the contest :).

    • Tze says:

      Hey, thanks for visiting again! Hehe, I realised after seeing the other bentos that I’d completely missed the ‘creativity’ part. :p It was still fun to do, and quite inspiring! And someone gave me a Kimono-series bento box for Christmas, so… I got what I wanted. ;) Thanks for hosting it, and if you plan to host another one in the future I’ll be sure to participate again!

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