4 thoughts on “The Smelly Umbrella

  1. Moom says:

    The protective thingy is simply called “umbrella cover”. Maybe yours will end up here eventually: http://www.umbrellacovermuseum.org.
    My mother and grandmother, who both had a slightly unconventional mindset similar to that of the Dutch writer Annie M. G. Schmidt, used to call the protective thingy “an umbrella condom”.

  2. JaneB says:

    Plastic baaaaag, breeder of stink!

    also plastic booooox. I had yoghurt on my salad on Friday last week and I left the lunch box in my bag until Sunday night, oh the smell :<

    • Tze says:

      I meant to draw some music notes but totally forgot! Ugh ew, yoghurt. Gorgonzola-flavoured by that time, I bet!

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