The Launderette Experience

Featuring: Tze

In all the places I lived in, I’ve always had the luxury of a washing machine at home, or at least in the shared basement. Since our move we’ve been using the launderette on our street, and I finally got a taste of the ambience in one. There’s something cosy about waiting on those benches with a book or DS, having a beverage from the one drinks machine (okay, ours has two), while people around you are either folding clothes or doing other quiet things…like surfing the web or solving sudoku puzzles.

3 thoughts on “The Launderette Experience

  1. Nozomi says:

    Laundromats are special places! I haven’t had to use one since I left Canada, but I really did like going to ours! (And it was right across the street, so it was perfect!)

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