The Holiday (In Luxembourg) (final)

Featuring: Tze, Ben

The hotel looked so nice and had really high ratings on! Thing is, it’s not possible to rate hotels on quietness on that website…FAIL. =_=

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But then…

2 thoughts on “The Holiday (In Luxembourg) (final)

  1. CocoNuts! says:

    Oh God… i hate having toddlers around when i´m on holidays, they ALWAYS seem to be MUCH louder than on “normal” days.. if that kid had been beneath your Room, there would have been only the Pub and that is (imho) the smallest problem you could ever encounter.. i would even be at the damn concert until 3 in the morning XD

    • Tze says:

      Noise upstairs (not counting music, as that ‘travels’ upwards) is really one of the worst things that can disrupt sleep, isn’t it? >_< Joining the concert wouldn't have been a bad idea–if we didn't have to catch the train home the next morning. Maybe next time…might as well enjoy not sleeping! ^^

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