11 thoughts on “The Cereal Industry Is A Scary One

  1. peninmyhair says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! Considering that these brands now advertise with having only 11g of sugar per serving size… that also means they contain about three times the amount of sugar Coke does.

      • peninmyhair says:

        Well, between 30 and 40 g per 100 g. Coke has about 11 g per 100 ml. That makes Coke officially healthier a breakfast than cereal…

  2. CTU says:

    You’ll notice they always call it ‘part of your nutritious breakfast’ and show someone who’s also eating half a grapefruit, orange juice, eggs etc. You might as well sell Coke as ‘part of a nutritious meal’.

    • Tze says:

      Apparently nutella won a case just because their product had been depicted as part of a healthy breakfast. :D But I guess some people still can’t see past the brown jar on screen and think it’s a breakfast in itself… pass the spoon, please!

  3. Moom says:

    I eat the puffed wheat ones (of a blank supermarket brand) sometimes in the afternoon, but I’ve always considered these to be a snack instead of healthy food.

  4. Tarunkeito says:

    Sometimes I forget to say.
    I love your comic diary blog!
    Your suffering brings me a smile >:)

  5. Athalie Pøisøn Lalae says:

    I never look at serving sizes…I mean, c’mon, seriously!? 30gr?! What’s this, breakfast for ants? .cit
    It reminds me of a friend of mine who once asked me “how many Pan di Stelle (it’s a cookie) do you usually eat?”…if I’ve to count them, I’m not gonna eat them! :D

    • Tze says:

      Pan di Stelle… *_* When I can eat eggs and dairy again, I’ll run to Woolworths and buy a bag…
      Yeah, 30 gr is…I mean, it’ll do as part of a breakfast, but I think most people eat cereal as an entire breakfast…

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