4 thoughts on “A Thank You To Emilien’s Parents

  1. JaneB says:

    NOM NOM NOM Marron Glace NOM.

    There is a delicatessan in town which sells teeny boxes of 3 or 4, so sometimes if I had a bad week I treat myself… NOM!

      • JaneB says:

        But that’s the best thing! You can TOTALLY OVERINDULGE and eat a WHOLE BOX of Marron Glace without actually making yourself sick, becoming hysterical, getting chestnut poisoning or whatever would happen if you ate a whole big box in one go…

        • Tze says:

          …XDXDXD!!! Chestnut poisoning…!!! Love that one. I was mostly thinking sugar crashing but yeah, chestnut poisoning sounds better. :’)

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