Joining The #gymleadersona Challenge…

Featuring: Awkward Gym Leader Tze

I really should be using this public holiday to do more for the DoKomi convention (it’s next weekend already, eep!) but I stumbled upon this #gymleadersona hashtag on Twitter…and couldn’t resist.?
It contains me in Mêh Blog form, so it’s legit. Okay? >_>
(Explanation: These are not Pokémon I’d pick, but I didn’t want to stick to one type like gym leaders do…and then it hit me that I could go against type discrimination. Mr Mime, Machamp and Geodude can all be female despite their appearances and names, and Unown, Starmie and Ditto are genderless. Ha! ?)

Ahhh this was so much fun to draw! I’m quite happy with it. :3

I've joined the #gymleadersona challenge

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Hurray For The Experience Share

Featuring: Tze, Oshawott, Dewott, Darmanitan, Minccino

I’m the type of Trainer that cares a lot about their Pokémon and handles them with care… *cough cough* I wasn’t playing with my own game, so don’t bother asking me to trade female starters. :p
(I can’t stand Minccino.)

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