The Road Trip To Arnhem…And A BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Featuring: Tze, Nynke


…But where’s the giveaway? WHAT’S the giveaway? It is…the newest Mêh Blog book (currently being printed)!

The book will go on sale this week, but I’ll post more details when it arrives. ;)

Want to win a free copy of the book, shipping included? Then answer this question:
How many euros did Nynke and I spend together at this one supermarket?

There will be a guaranteed winner; just guess the closest number.
You can add your answer in the comments, as a comment on the Facebook Fanpage post or tweet it to @xxTze.

Deadline: Thursday December 4th, at midnight (GMT+1). The winner will be announced at the same time as when the books go on sale.

PS: If you’d like an idea of the size of our shopping cart, have a look at my Instagram account.

A short Dutch road trip

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The Holiday

Featuring: Tze, mum, dad, sis, Ben, Poppadum

Every time I bring way too much food back from the Netherlands. Every time!

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