The Holiday

Featuring: Tze, mum, dad, sis, Ben, Poppadum

Every time I bring way too much food back from the Netherlands. Every time!

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Featuring: Tze, Ben, dad, mum

Thought balloon
Tze: “Ben, bring as many Tupperwares as possible!”
Ben: “Is it your cake or HIS cake?”

Dad (eating stir-fried tofu and celery): “But I never eat cake…”
Tze: “I KNOW! I mean; “Really? What a shame!” Shall I take the leftovers home then?”

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My Parents Use So Much Oil In Their Cooking…

Featuring: Tze, sis, mum, dad

This is a rather typical problem we encounter when going home home. Our parents try to cook healthy for us, so we’ve been pretty spoiled with plenty of side dishes with every evening meal (a thing I never realised until I moved out!)…but their knowledge on ‘healthy’ is outdated or incomplete. ‘Olive oil is good for you, so using loads of it won’t have any side effects.’ Well.. it’ll still make you fat. Up to us to correct them! :p

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