Giveaway: Win €20 In Etsy Credit

Featuring: Tze

Etsy generously provided select shop owners in Germany to hand out gift voucher codes! I was actually given these quite some time ago… *cough* So, instead of the planned “one code a week until Christmas” I’ll be giving these away within the next few days!
Today is Day 1 to try your luck.

Lookie! Ain’t this neat! Thank you, Etsy!

Win €20 in Etsy credit!

You can enter by retweeting my Christmas Tweet or by leaving a comment at my Instagram post…or both.

Win €20 in Etsy credit! Giveaway starts now!

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Get A Badge Of Yourself Turned Into A Comic Character :O

Featuring: Tze

I’m currently doing other commissions as well, so numbers are limited!
Here’s the QUICK version and here’s the FULL version (very limited almost sold out).

Use the coupon codes at checkout, no registration needed.

MEHFIED2 is valid on a minimum order of one QUICK version. You’ll receive €2 off the price.
MEHFIED4 is valid on a minimum order of one FULL version. You’ll receive €4 off the price.

Lemme know if you have any questions or want to order more badges! Leave a comment, e-mail me or send a Tweet! :3

I will draw you as a comic character?

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My Etsy Shop Illustrations

So no comic update today (“Boooo!”) but a peek at my Etsy shop, Hey Tze, instead. This is what I’ve been working on the past few weeks, among other things.

Oh! If you’ve been thinking of opening a shop on Etsy as well, please make sure to use someone’s affiliate link! Here’s mine:

“Why”? Because it’ll earn both you and the affiliate 40 free listings! D: Seriously, I wish I’d known that when I opened my shop (and had to pay $0.20 per listing)…

My Etsy shop Illustrations

These are some of the illustrations I sell. If you’re curious about the rest, please have a gander at my shop Hey Tze! ;) …Okay, end of shameless self promotion. (For today.)

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