Pigging Out At The Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt

Featuring: Tze, Ben, Luke, Kenji, Paddy, Foz

Hugo is a popular German cocktail (Wikipedia, German only)
Carolus is a Belgian beer, apparently served here in Germany during the Christmas season
Germknödel is a sweet yeast dumpling from Austria (Wikipedia)
Baumstriezel is a festive pastry (Wikipedia, German only)
Kartoffelpuffer is a type of potato pancake (Wikipedia)

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A Day For Chasing After Food

Featuring: Tze

There’s something very “Yay” about finding other people’s leftovers… like a half-eaten box of biscuits, or a thermos half full with hot coffee…
…I didn’t eat ALL of the kimchi myself of course.

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