Stocking Up In Advance

Featuring: Tze

I need a big freezer. My parents used to have two when all four of us still lived at home, but now one of them serves as a stand to put the hobs on. -_- If I had a big freezer I would:
-make 100 potstickers
-finally be able to use that ice cream machine I got for my birthday 3 years ago
-make litres of stock
-have a herb garden and harvest herbs frequently
-have several boxes of puff pastry

But until then…

3 thoughts on “Stocking Up In Advance

  1. Moom says:

    Can’t you secretly replace the one that your parents only use as a stand with a moc-up?  :) 

    • Tze says:

      Yes! I’ll replace it with a cardboard box with ‘Freezer’ written on it with a permanent marker. No one will notice! XD

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