Here’s Something To Add To Your Amazon Wishlist

Featuring: Tze

…I did. This, OMG this. TIN. With 2.9 kg of Quality Street.
(That’s an affiliate link btw but please, do yourself a favour and order the thing, whether you use that link or not!)

5 thoughts on “Here’s Something To Add To Your Amazon Wishlist

  1. Gabriele Cuscino says:

    Having that hulky metal container for chocolate behind me while working all the day wasn’t easy as well ;)

    • Tze says:

      Yes, I am almost grateful that I’m on a different floor. Not that it’s going to change the fact that I’ll order the thing myself.

  2. CG Cutegallery says:

    Had to google Quality Street first ;) – I thought it’s some sort of crisps *lol*

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