8 thoughts on “Cooking Perfect Japanese Rice Is So Much Effort!

  1. Wolf says:

    I´ve never heard about waste water when preparing rice. We use the old three cups a water to one cup a rice measure. Then boil the water, add the rice, let it boil for a minute and then put a lid on and turn of the heat (on an electric stove) wait 20 minutes. Makes perfect rice. Unless you want it really loose, that way it sticks together. But I always thought you´d need it like that for eastern style dishes. *meh*
    Guten Hunger und guten Appettite

    • Tze says:

      It happens when washing, not when boiling of course. I have a rice cooker for that. I couldn’t cook rice in a pan without making it all disgusting. :D

  2. Zomink says:

    OH! My mom just taught me an even better way to prepare rice . . . you wash, rinse, and strain it, then put it in a bag and into the fridge and let it sit (a few hours to a day? whatever is convenient, but something like that). You take it out and add the same exact amount of water as the pre-washed rice (so if the pre-washed rice fills 1 cup, you add 1 cup of water. (ie. disregard what it says on the rice cooker)), and then cook as usual. I haven’t tried it yet, but she said it turns out even fluffier and tastier than if you cooked it normally. But yes. You’re totally right about the water—what a waste! Back in the day they used to use the milky water to scrub the floors and stuff! 

    • Tze says:

      I want to try that next time I make rice (was going to this weeked but ended up making vollkorn peshwari rice…). I usually leave the rice in a colander to dry for about 15 minutes after washing, but leaving it overnight in the fridge sounds nice and lazy. And a bit similar to preparing fried rice. :)
      Hmm… maybe I could bathe in the leftover water? They make rice water bodylotions and stuff, so why not… >_>

  3. Anonymous says:

    I must be doing something wrong… because I don’t think soba noodles are a pain at all :/

    • Tze says:

      They’re super easy for soups or if you’re going to eat them straight away, but when preparing them for lunch for the next day… washing and washing and washing and drying… >_>

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