Sister’s Visit… (Part 5)

Featuring: Tze, sis + bf

I think this concludes the sister’s visit series… there’s obviously more to tell, but I really need to catch up now with the daily updates. I’ll probably mention them again in future random comics. :p

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7 thoughts on “Sister’s Visit… (Part 5)

  1. Zomink says:

    Funny, my mom really didn’t like the Apfelwein either. I guess we shouldn’t mention that to any Frankfurters. I’ve yet to try it! 

    • Tze says:

      Apparently a lot of people can’t handle their first full glass of Apfelwein, as it… can give them… Durchfall… It… it didn’t go well with me, either. -_-‘ But apart from that I don’t like the taste much anyway. :p

  2. Moom says:

    Does this Iimori chain have a website? Don’t worry, It would only be unhealthy for Simon if he does it on a regular basis.

      • Moom says:

        Thanks, I think I’ll manage. Viewing subtitled episodes of ‘Derrick’ and ‘der Olsenbande’ on TV for years did wonders for my understanding of German, hurray for subs!  (The second title were dutch subtitles of East German dubs of Danish children movies, though :-)

          • Moom says:

            Here is a hilarious segment, where the Olsen Gang breaks into the opera building, under cover of the the classic orchestral music being played:

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