The Personalities Of Our Guinea Pigs

Featuring: Poppadum, Guinea Pig, Ben, Tze

And before anyone starts worrying; Guinea Pig is actually the dominant one, she just tolerates a LOT before she loses her temper.
Quite happy how this turned out actually. I guess I can draw animal comics, yay.
(Maybe not personality-wise, but their relationship really reminds me of them. Except for in the second-last panel, of course. Ahem.)

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6 thoughts on “The Personalities Of Our Guinea Pigs

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  3. Tapiokiviluoma says:

    You’re lucky. Over here, we have three cats that live in the house. The only two male cats are constantly ready to lunge at each other’s throats. And when they do, my foot gets the worst of the hit.

    But that’s what cats are, i suppose.

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