9 thoughts on “The Reason Why I Always Buy Bread With A Pale Crust

  1. Malin says:

    Have you heard the story about the guy who always went to the same store every day to buy fresh bread and always squeezed it a lot, which the other customers found unappetizing and the staff found annoying, but he always said that he’s not breaking any law, so what could they do?

    Well, something, apparently, since they eventually managed to get him arrested for “bread abuse” XD

  2. Zomink says:

    Mmmm Ben and Jerry’s!! Like all things, my mom programmed me to like golden brown things. In Japanese, we say fox-colour (kitsune-iro) for golden brown, but my mom always insisted she liked everything raccoondog-coloured (tanuki-iro).

  3. charlotte sometimes says:

    I like the light ones better, too. especially plain bread rolls. I think it’s to do with texture.

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