4 thoughts on “Ready, Steady…F.A.C.T.S.!

    • Tze says:

      Last year it was €60 per metre for those that booked before May 1st… two years ago, that was about the most expensive price for those who booked late. Prices went up horribly. T_T

      Yay! I guess it’s easy if you live in Ghent anyway. :p Love the city and the food there (so many good restaurants).

      • Rembrand Le Compte says:

        That’s still something you can earn back at least. ThoughtBubble was £45 for the ‘early bird’ last year, which is an okay price I think. Some US conventions are a whole different ballgame. I went to APE last year and we payed about $250 a whole table (2 metres). Good thing we were sharing tables :D

        • Tze says:

          Holy crap, that’s a lot! But maybe you’ll also have a bigger market there?
          I kind of gave up on making money with comics and illustrations, my cupcakes are what sells best at conventions…lol.

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