My Reaction To How The Germanwings Crash Was Handled Online

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Still, it was handled pretty badly, especially as the majority of the passengers weren’t German. I can only imagine what it’s like to see emergency hotlines opening up in a language you don’t speak, while wondering why no one can give you any further info about your loved ones…

Companies also have to handle emergencies online

2 thoughts on “My Reaction To How The Germanwings Crash Was Handled Online

  1. Charlotte Steggz says:

    So true.
    On that timehop app I am able to see things I posted around the time of the tsunami in Japan (which happened while I was living there). I’d forgotten half of the good things that people like the British embassy were doing to help us all. I think once the initial shock of a situation like this has been passed, it really shows if an organisation or company is good or not by how it moves forward.

    • Tze says:

      Yeah…looks like Lufthanse is handling it pretty well now. But the crucial moments right after the incident, when no one knows anything, will probably leave the biggest impression. Sadly. :/

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