My Process To A Freelance(?) Life

Featuring: Tze

Today’s comic may be a bit difficult to read. Bear with me.
If you thought I was going to plunge right into freelance life: I’m not, but will be taking a part-time job first so I can give it a (safe) try. Sorry for the confusion!

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Showing my progress to living a freelance life

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2 thoughts on “My Process To A Freelance(?) Life

  1. Charlotte Steggz says:

    You’ll get it all done! You’re doing a lot more than I did.
    I’ve caved in and taken more hours at the office job. I now work til 3 each day instead of 1. There is hardly any work out there for Japanese translators that isn’t ridic poorly paid. I teach Japanese kiddies on the side, so I guess it all works out ok in the end.

    • Tze says:

      How many days do you work? Until 1 sounds amazing~~~ so much time left! I really did like your idea of teaching through Skype, I’m not that savvy with the webs yet but there are so many opportunities out there! Hope it’s just a period and that you can go back to reducing office hours again soon!

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