Can Guinea Pigs Fart?

Featuring: Tze, Poppadum

Drawing guinea pigs shaped like jelly beans is fun.

Update (many months later): It turns out guinea pigs can’t pass wind after all, so I guess it was a massive sneeze. Poppadum was only tiny at the time, so it probably just launched her upwards.

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12 thoughts on “Can Guinea Pigs Fart?

  1. Sarah says:

    Also, odd guinea pig fact! Apparently they and us are the only creatures that can’t synthesise their own Vitamin C! O_O; Make sure they get plenty of it!

    • Tze says:

       Whoop, never saw this comment!
      Yeah, and the same counts for vitamin D, like humans! Evolution fail. Thanks for the  warning!

  2. Hope Au says:

    My little kitty always farts after eating… usually while laying on the couch behind my head! Xp

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