20 thoughts on “Don’t Like Aubergine? Maybe You THINK You Don’t…

  1. Nerderella says:

    I must admit I do this all the time. Tricking my boyfriend in eating stuff he “supposedly” doesn’t like… HA!

  2. Sheika L says:

    I think most people hate vegetables because they haven’t had them prepared correctly. Myself, I’m allergic to aubergines but I remember they tasted good when I had them as a kid.

    • Tze says:

      I know a lot of people who don’t like chicory (boiled to a slime!) but they never had it raw with mustard dressing or stuffed with blue cheese. …Though those don’t sound like things most people would eat, anyway. :p

  3. spunox says:

    Haha! To be fair though, it’s really easy to mess up and make aubergine taste horrible… last time I tried my hand at ratatouille the aubergine cubes came out looking (and tasting) like soggy sponges. D:

    • Patrick Naish says:

      Karniyarik is always good, though. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1509/baked-aubergines-stuffed-with-minced-lamb

      • Tze says:

        Oh? Ooohhh? O_O That looks so good! I’ll try to order it first in one of the many Turkish restaurants (very surprised by the large amount of Indian ingredients actually) here, thanks for the tip!

    • Moom says:

      I stir fly them in a wok, before adding the aubergines to the ratatouille, that always goes well. Also, don’t cut them up too small, they’ll  taste better if it are relative large chunks. Extra tip: I add a handfull of peeled hazelnuts that I’ve cooked seperately until they have a nice bite

    • Tze says:

      Ohhh but that’s quite an extreme makeover of the original veg! Yummy though. Hmm, that reminds me, I still haven’t tried beetroot chocolate cake…

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