15 thoughts on “An Ode To Tea

  1. rose says:

    tea lover too <3
    since it is the best thing to drink in Japan and you get it to basically every meal or daytime, I became addicted!
    So I brought some nice Matcha and pure green tea of good quality, some chinese white tea and tea flowers (and some english tea to drink as "milk tea") :D
    Not that much a fan of flavoured kinds though… prefere it pure and natural..
     Anyone else drinks Mugicha in summer? ;)

    • Tze says:

      I haven’t tried mugicha yet! I’m fond of genmai and bancha– in fact, there’s a bottle of chilled bancha on my desk right now. XD White tea is lovely, and matcha should go in everything, cakes, drinks, biscuits… *shouts* EVERYTHING!ò_ó/

  2. Moom says:

    Oh yea, I’m a notorious tea drinker as well. I’ve recently tried Dilmah’s Ginger & Honey flavored Ceylon black tea, I think it’s nice and well balanced between the 3 flavors.
    Some years ago I needed jaw surgery after an accident, and I was advised to refrain from drinking tea for a while because it would disrupt the healing process of the mouth lining. I had noticeable withdraw effects during the first days I stopped, feeling a bit shaky and having difficulties to concentrate. I ended up drinking cups of plain hot water, to get a certain feeling of comfort.

    • Sarah says:

      Notorious tea drinkers of the world unite! (UGH, what awful news to be given after having had surgery!! Hope all is well now.)

      • Moom says:

        With a bit of bone taken elswere from my body and some titanium implants, it all healed quite nicely.

    • Tze says:

      I guess we end up with a load of caffeine in our bodies without even thinking about it. So you couldn’t drink any fluids except for water? Dang, hope it wasn’t in winter. :(

      • Moom says:

        Like I said, I settled for drinking cups of plain hot water, as a  kind of substitute for comforting experience of tea.

  3. Patrick says:

    Zou je Chinese achtergrond hier iets mee te maken hebben? Of is het ‘Hollandse’ theedrinken doorslaggevender?
    (Achtergrond: ik ben een Limburgse koffiedrinker. Thee drinken is iets voor ‘Hollanders’)

    • Moom says:

      Er zit misschien wel iets in de nabijheid van de kust (zeehavens, stapelplaatsen voor exotische goederen) Het uiterste noorden van Duitsland kent ook een echte theecultuur: Losse thee in een porseleinen servies, opschenken door een zeefje, nachtzwart, sterk van smaak en geserveerd met room.

      • Tze says:

        Ze hebben hier ook ‘Friese’ thee in de supermarkten liggen, dat kan samenhangen met de door jouw beschreven theecultuur. Hmm, met room… nog niet geprobeerd, maar het klinkt lekker!

    • Tze says:

      Ik ken het verschil, werk met Zeeuwen en Friezen en Limburgers hier, die corrigeren dat snel. :p …Nah, Pickwick zal toch weinig met China te maken hebben. :D

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