An Ode To Coffee Cake

Featuring: Tze

Okay, so ‘coffee cake’ is actually a New York pastry, but the term can also refer to any pastry that goes with coffee/tea. Which is how I use it, because we call everything ‘koffiebroodje’ at home-home. :p

…Also, that’s totally coincidental rhyming.

In case you didn't know it yet: I love coffee cake

7 thoughts on “An Ode To Coffee Cake

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  2. Teresa Dugnol says:

    The title reminded me of the moka cake my dad bakes sometimes. Now I’m craving a cake that takes 2 days to be ready!!!

    • Tze says:

      2 days…? You mean it soaks up liquid and is given the time to turn all moist and stuff? O_O *drools*

      • Teresa Dugnol says:

        Yes! It’s made with a genoise cake, really strong espresso, a bit of brandy, sugar, butter and roasted ground almonds. The genoise cake “sucks” some of the coffee and brandy of the filling whilst it rest in the fridge, with no icing and a 2 kilos weight on top.

        • Tze says:

          OH MY GOD. (That’s it. There’s nothing more I can say. Also, I can’t click ‘Like’ more than once because it’ll Unlike it. >_>)

          …OH MY GOD.

  3. JaneB says:

    Oh, that yummy poppy seed filling… they have it in Scandinavia too, and in Canada, but not in any local shops. I must try and recreate it one day… but part of the joy of it is buying a piece of deliciousness without having the washing up (or the temptation of the rest of the cake).

    And baked custard, that’s really good too.

    Now I want coffee cake :-(

    • Tze says:

      I sometimes make cake with poppy filling, but use a ready mix…and even that stuff gets EVERYWHERE! So sticky! XD And yay for baked custard! (I’m holding a Puddingbrezel in the comic, but it’s impossible to see)

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