15 thoughts on “My Heritage: Being Chinese

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  2. Tapiokiviluoma says:

    If you want a tip on how to avoid irritating conversations with fellow *insert homecountry here*se, pretend you got a call, say “I’m on my way”, and start running, apologising for the inconvenience if someone began to talk to you.

    • Tze says:

      Haha, that could work. I usually run into them at stops for public transport though, while I’m waiting for the tram/train… I COULD hop onto the wrong one to escape. XD

  3. charlotte sometimes says:

    I do that with other Germans all the time, especially when they come into my bar. No one ever suspects I may be one of them, gnihihi.

    • Tze says:

      I do that with Dutch people too! :D They don’t expect a Dutch-speaking Chinese in Germany. >:3

      Your bar…? You own one? :O

      • charlotte sometimes says:

        well I work in a small bar as a manager, so many times it’s just me in there. (I wouldn’t want to own one, too much stress)

      • Patrick says:

        I remember a girl (tall and blond) saying that she wanted to fart in the (Mexican) pool. It never occurred to her that I might be able to understand her, although I really am ‘autochtoon’ caucasian Dutch.

        For some reason a lot of Dutch seem to think that *nobody* can understand them when they are abroad. Forgetting that Dutch people seem to be everywhere. And the idea that a foreigner might be able to understand Dutch is way too outrageous.

        • Tze says:

          Oh dear! Did you get out immediately? Would’ve been a hell of a giveaway. :D

          At least there’s a smaller chance of people understanding you than when you communicate only in English… Maybe I should just not say embarrassing things in public, no matter what language I use. :/

  4. Patrick says:

    I guess you don’t speak Chinese? Never mind! Just pretend you only speak a very rare dialect.

    I learned Mandarin but can’t communicate with the Chinese in a Chinese restaurant, because they speak a southern dialect and look if I try to communicate in Vulcan when I talk Chinese to them.

    • Tze says:

      Or maybe you’ve got pointy ears? (:p)
      I can’t avoid speaking Mandarin to Chinese staff, but my Chinese is bad… the first time I had to explain I couldn’t read the menu, they looked at me rather disgusted, haha!

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