10 thoughts on “I Love Mussels!

  1. Patrick says:

    Aha ‘add’ it says. I had a hard time reading And then xxx the mussels. Adol? Does she mean ‘odol’? (silly snicker, because that is the Dutch acronym for ‘really hard morning wood’). It was a hard week…

  2. lottesometimes says:

    We get them frozen too, or at the fish counter. I think I prefer mine in tomato whitewine sauce, with a hint of chili, pasta, and maybe some other sea food.

  3. Athalie Pøisøn Lalae says:

    They’re quite common here in Italy, frozen I mean. We (my family) usually make spaghetti with them, since they come in ready-made boxes with tomato cubes and parsley (and sometimes they’re just mixed seafood)…sooooooooooo yummy *___*

  4. Teabo Baggins says:

    There is a pub back home that serves them in what looks like a giant slow-pot, in a delicious white wine sauce… Om nom nom! :)

    • Tze says:

      Ooohh…I haven’t seen them like that on the menus in Germany (but they were everywhere in Belgium, figures). :O

  5. Zomink says:

    Mmmm!! That sounds delish! That kind of reminds me of (though not really related) the time when my friend and I bought a giant bag of frozen escargots at the awesome-frozen-food-store Picard (in France) and ate the whole thing in one sitting together…YUM!

    • Tze says:

      UUUggghhhh I so wish I could try that, Ben was munching a plate of escargots in a restaurant once and the dish looked delicious, but I’m terrified of snails and slugs… ;_;

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