17 thoughts on “What Did You Make Me Do, Mini Muffin Maker?

  1. rose says:

    was thinking about buying this one and wondering if it is really worth it.. now you convinced me~
    *off to the shop tomorrow to buy..*
    Me and my kids love cupcakes soooo much! Unfortunately, my japanese better half isn´t that much into sweets.. so no fun to bake a big batch ~.~
    Guess with the maker it will be just the right amount for the 3 of us!

    Did you ever try muffins which are not sweet? (with cheese, corn, bacon or whatever you like…*myammi*)

    • Tze says:

      Oh! Did you get one? I didn’t mention in that comic that the maker kind of bakes and steams at the same time, so the texture might be a little bit different. I hope they’re turning out okay for you! And yes, sometimes I make muffins with potatoes, onions and bacon. Do you have any other suggestions? :3

    • Tze says:

      Not yet! I started with a mix from a bought packet (lemon flavour) first to test the machine, but blueberry and chocolate will be next! :D

    • Tze says:

      Three times a week…! XD
      …Even though I’ve also baked three times now in the last four days. Too addictive. :x

  2. Athalie Pøisøn Lalae says:

    You don’t have an oven?! O_ò Really?! How…just, how can you cook properly then? *confused*

    By the way, muffin maker sounds gorgeous! I made some last week using the hot chocolate powder (the one you add to milk for…well, hot chocolate in cup) instead of the plain chocolate powder you use for baking…OMG! They were terrific *ç*

  3. Sheika L says:

    Ohhh now I want  one too! I don’t have an oven either, and I miss baking treats for people.

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