Mêh Blog Book Giveaway!

I made a book! Yay… In full it’s called ‘Mêh Blog: a comic diary by Tze-Ting Chao – the year 2010‘ because I didn’t have an idea for a good title… Lame, yup. If I’d had more time I would’ve organised a contest for it. Oh well.

The book will be A5 size, full-colour cover with 178 pages and contain all the comics I made in 2010 (comics that were uploaded that year but hadn’t been drawn in the same year have not been included). A great deal of the content has never been uploaded to the blog nor to the Facebook fanpage! :O
I will add pictures of the books here as soon as they arrive (sometime next week).

Now, how to ensure you’ll get a FREE COPY?

(Twitter users only for now)
1. You must have at least 50 followers.
2. Mention my Twitter account (@mehblog) and link to the blog in your Tweet. Following my account isn’t necessary, it will not influence the outcome of the draw.
3. When the draw closes, I will randomly pick people from the ones who participated and contact them for their home address. Yes. You’ll have to give me your home address if you want to receive the giveaway. Duh.
4. The winners will be announced and their Twitter accounts linked to (unless you don’t want me to, let me know in that case) on the blog.
5. One book per every 10 participants (maximum of 5 books though). Still a pretty big chance, isn’t it? :)

It starts now! Draw will close on October 31st!

17 thoughts on “Mêh Blog Book Giveaway!

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  2. Zeori says:

    Maybe a drawing contest is fairer, i personally don’t have twitter.
    I was thinking about doing a day out of your own life or draw fanart n our own style

    • Tze says:

      That’s two people who asked for a drawing contest based on own experiences. :) I really like the idea, but it would narrow down the candidates… plus it’s so much more effort than just spamming people on Twitter, so the reward wouldn’t be fair in comparison! I’ll keep that one in mind though…

  3. tsumana says:

    You have a book out? I’m jealous, wish I had a book out. Or something to put in a book… this seems like far too much effort. I’ll just get yours instead. =P

  4. Hokori-sama says:

    I wanna buy, too!
    But hey, why only Twitter users at the moment?! I wanna play, too!! >:3

      • Hokori-sama says:

        *first idea* Ah! New top banner for the site after the release of the book?
        Give us a theme and we’ll shout out ideas for what y’could draw?

        • Tze says:

          Two people now who asked for a drawing contest! I really do like the idea, but it seems less fair… Maybe I’ll go for the banner one! I need more banners! XD *fears the ideas containing Methulus and octopuses wrestling Godzillas* Thanks for the suggestions! :3

      • Hokori-sama says:

        Orrr, you post something and we try to draw it in your style?
        Or even trying to draw ourselves and something else in your style?
        It’s cute and nice and simple! Maybe you pick a certain event that could happen in anyone’s life and we draw a Meh Blog style recount of our own experience?

  5. charlotte sometimes says:

    I participated. maybe I’m more lucky than I was with those pocky chop sticks. :)

    • Tze says:

      Price hasn’t been decided yet, I’ll wait until they’re delivered to me. Pre-orders will most likely get a reduction. :3

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