13 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce…Bento

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  4. Moom says:

    This brings back fond memories on my 3 weeks duration Japan trip, i did a long ago. Hopping from town to town in trains or busses, I always made sure I bought a nice bento box to eat during the journey.
    I think I saw a Blutsgeschwister dress just now.

    • Tze says:

      There’s a page about ‘virtual bento shopping’ on justbento.com, I’ll link to it in a later post… too dangerous to look at right now…
      Haha, the style is kind of recognisable. :D

  5. Malin says:

    Yay, Bento! I’ve made those a couple of times, though mostly snack bentos.
    Bentos truly are great, they’re both pretty, tasty (well, if done right) and easy to vary. I also like to dye ingredients like rice and sponge cakes for a more colourful bento  :3

    • Tze says:

      It’s so tempting to stuff them with cheese and cakes and the like! D: Must refrain from making snack boxes… must… make… healthier food! But most importantly yummy food.
      Sponge cakes are a good idea! The ones I get are usually pink or pandan green anyway. And they’ll stay moist so they can go in the same box as the fruit. Nice, thanks!

        • Tze says:

          Oh dear, that’s really a snack bento. So unhealthy… but cute! XD

          Aha! DeviantArt! *backtrack* *search* *found* Hmm, ‘Eat Me’ cookies look good… can’t stop laughing at the evil octopi…………. oh god they’re evil….. hahahahahahahaha XD

          • Malin says:

            I made that to show to the people at the anime screenings I go to, and since then, they somehow got the idea that I’m an expert on all sorts of Japanese cooking   o__O well after that and the horrible onigiri that even the vegetarians ate without noticing that they contained tuna.

            So you sneaked a peek at the other bentos as well? XD  yeah, the “Eat Me”-cookies were cute, I was proud of that. I made that for a lolita meetup where someone turned up in a skirt with cookie prints exactly like them! We were like “OMG, pose with the cookies! So cute together! Kawaii desu!!!”
            Evil octopi were unnecessarily and unvoluntarily evil-looking, but it sort of fit, since I ate that bento at a graveyard   XD

          • Tze says:

            Nooo! Please don’t go “Kawaii desu” in public, argh. XD (Of course you have the freedom to do so, I just have bad experiences being drowned out by squealing teenage girls who didn’t know any Japanese except for that…) Sounds like you did well on impressing them! And I guess the graveyard was for a photo shoot…

          • Malin says:

            Heh, well, if you gather 20 lolitas in one place and feed them enough sugar, there’s always at least a few who’re going to go “kawaii!” over something. Sad fact of life  XD

            The graveyard just happened to be the only park-like place to have a picnic in that neighborhood. I planned to eat outdoors, just forgot to plan exactly WHERE. Then the middle-of-a-busy-street miniature graveyard presented itself as a nice lunch-place  :3

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