Jelly and Ice Cream

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I don’t know if it’s actually delicious or not, I haven’t tried it yet. But it doesn’t sound very attractive to be honest… Discovered this when I went to an all-you-can-eat (including dessert) with a couple of British friends and they looked delighted when checking the refrigerated section… and returned with this combination.
(Jello is meant here, not the fruity spread on bread.)

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10 thoughts on “Jelly and Ice Cream

  1. Zomink says:

    That’s funny, I’ve never heard of it. Hm.

    This is unrelated, but I had lemon-(salt&)pepper in Latvia–amazing stuff! You just buy it in the condiments/spices section and it’s basically just lemon bits (I think) and salt and pepper, and it’s delicious. I really should have brought some back home…damn. There’s something similar in Japan called yuzu kosho (yuzu cirtus pepper, literally), and that’s really good too. NOM. 

    • Tze says:

      Ah, my both of my Japanese cookbooks mention yuzu! Apparently it’s a very nice and limey citrus fruit, but impossible to get here? Boo! Hm, I might check out Superkato, a (hidden) Japanese shop in FFM that specialises in condiments and spices… ;) Thanks for mentioning it! I bet it would be lovely on karaage. O_O

  2. Hokori says:

    It’s true, Aussies and Kiwis love it, too. Icecream and jelly is a pretty good stable. Jelly and whipped cream is also somewhat common.
    No matter where y’went for a buffet or banquet around here, there was always the option to have jelly + icecream. It’s really tasty, too! Definitely try it!!
    Though these days I prefer my daily jelly fix to have nothing on it.

    • Tze says:

      Here in Germany I’ve seen jelly with vanilla sauce, but I haven’t tried that yet either. Whipped cream sounds slightly more acceptable to me… dunno where I drew the line though. :) Haha, there have been so many positive replies to this pos! I’m almost convinced. :p

      • Hokori says:

        Most definitely give it a go >:3 It’s very tasty! Be sure to get some nice vanilla icecream to go with it! It’s  also good  if the jelly is cut up into little squares, like y’get at Sizzler…

        • Tze says:

          I think vanilla is what I’d start with anyway, go for a neutral flavour eh? I have to take it easy. ;) Hm, I like jelly in cubes! Lovely texture. :3

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