Japan Week in Frankfurt = Yummy Japanese Food

Featuring: Tze, Emi

Japan Week has started! I’m personally not into hunting down all events and special performances, but if I happen to run into the food stands on Hauptwache (city shopping centre), hey…
And here’s Bring Me Bonsai’s post about takoyaki, including PHOTOS! Drool. And I’ve already seen the pan being sold somewhere before… uh-oh!

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10 thoughts on “Japan Week in Frankfurt = Yummy Japanese Food

  1. rose says:

    Mmh.. Japan Tag in Düsseldorf has much more food stalls.
    But I just love Takoyaki! Everytime I am in Japan i “force” my darling to go out to eat them.. but.. my most and all time favourite is Shabu shabu! Would die to find a good restaurant for that here in germany..
    Oh, and the fascination of japanese people for german sausages can be understood easily if you ever tried japanese sausages… they taste aweful! (At least most of them..)

    • Tze says:

      That doesn’t surprise me with Düsseldorf’s own Japan Town! Hmm, I need to go there again… maybe for a weekend this time. :D I usually do Chinese hotpot at home but haven’t tried the Shabu shabu version yet. There’s a restaurant here in Frankfurt (Yan Jing) that does all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet on the ground floor and all-you-can-eat Shabu shabu upstairs. I’ve been wanting to try it, but every time (ALL 10+ times!) the buffet won. -_-

      • rose says:

         wooohoo.. seems I have to go to Frankfurt soon –
        for at least two days! -One for chinese and one for japanese all you can eat- :D

        Here in Düsseldorf best things to eat are Ramen (at Takumi), Oyakodon and Gyoza with Sesame dressing (at Maruyasu) or Okonomiyaki (at Fuga)!
        But.. most times I prefere to buy stuff at the japanese supermarket to cook things at home. Though my all-time-favourite supermarket is the chinese one! Gosh.. they have fresh Gomadango (forgot the chinese name -.-) and fresh Baozi!  <3

        • Tze says:

          I went to Takumi! Just remembered I never finished the comic about it… O_O The supermarkets were amazing, but unfortunately they were out of dango… ;_; They still had the frozen stuff, but meh… I will surely visit again and eat EVERYTHING! Thanks for the tips! :D

    • Tze says:

      I almost bought those sausage molds, but didn’t because they would make me eat waaaaay too much sausage. And Japanese rice and cold sausage are a great combo. But so fattening… :< The takoyaki were good, they were undercooked though so soft and wet (someone told me they were supposed to be firm at least), but still tasty. Had a portion with and without sauce. The amount of sauce was frightening!!! I'd have it again. :3

  2. Mickaël Pesquet says:

    :D Your drawing of Emilien is just hilarious. Got my book yesterday. Thanks a lot. I love it :)

    • Tze says:

      A crappy stand that looked like it did tempura, but that turned out to be deep-fried stuffs in breadcrumbs (mushrooms, tomatoes, meats, a broccoli). Cheap quality. :/

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