10 thoughts on “In Other Words, Please Don’t Make It Even Worse

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    • Moom says:

      When I was traveling on bike through Germany, I stayed at youth hostels and Naturfreundehauser al lot. The caretakers were almost always very friendly, but the entrance halls often had a bit of a stern aura because of the many warning- and order-notices (white metal sheets with embossed black lettering) in grim, ominous language. I loved that contrasting to this, the atmosphere was quite relaxed and laid back in reality.

      Of course, there was also one exception to this rule: youth hostel “Burg Stahleck” near Bacharach in the Upper Middle Rhine valley really gave you an experience of something approaching a night in Colditz. Curfew: 21:55 – Lights out: 22:00 This was executed by flipping a master switch, blacking out the whole hostel at once, I had a laugh fit when that happened. I have now idea if this still happens there nowadays.

      • Patrick Naish says:

        I don’t think anybody could claim that German is a gentle language. Not to say I don’t love it :P

        • Tze says:

          There are less hostile-sounding ones, yeah. >_> But it’s wonderful for expressing moments of frustration in my comic!

          • Moom says:

            “Vor der Kaserne, vor dem großen Tor, stand eine Lanterne
            und steht sie noch davor”…

            “Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht, aber unsere Liebe nicht”…

            even their famous love songs sound quite industrial :-)

      • Tze says:

        Wow….. way to enforce the rules! I bet one can sleep wonderfully there. @_@ …Because of boredom.

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