Impossible To Be Healthy

Featuring: Tze

I should’ve bought more of those nori sheeeeeets! >_< As for the birthday snacks, there were two types of rice crackers, two types of mochi, peanut chews and onigiri. And received a box of Lindt chocolate... Related posts: Onigiri Shop Waraku In Düsseldorf: Yummy!, Düsseldorf comic on the Facebook fanpage, If You Work In A Coffee Shop In A Station, It’s Essential To Be Fast

2 thoughts on “Impossible To Be Healthy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think your balance is off: too much protein (meat and egg) and not enough leafy greens and other veg :P Those nori sheets from your last post sounds really good, any particular brand? I’d have to hide them from Mochi, as the adventurous kitty loves to munch on nori x__x What else is in that pile o’ birthday munchies? 

    • Tze says:

      There’s only so much I can eat for lunch, and if I wanted to eat enough veg it would have to be a 100% veg meal (please don’t send me links to reasons why it can be possible :p). At least it’s better than what the canteen offers (chips and Fleischkaese)?

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