“Ich bin ein…”

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Been reading Maki’s bento articles on her JustBento.com website. Next time I’ll visit JustHungry.com! These websites are so dangerous… I bought way too many groceries already… >_>

This also reminded me of an episode of the webcomic Girly (not always SFW), in which an omelette screams “ICH BIN EIN OMELETT!!!” and scares the hell out of the main character. :D (I tried looking up the page, but… there were almost 800 pages to flip through…)

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10 thoughts on ““Ich bin ein…”

  1. Zomink says:

    HAHA! Lots of bento updates, yay! 
    I’m a terrible bento person . . . 90% of the bento lunches I used to make for myself in Japan were rice + curry OR just yakisoba. Bo-o-o-o-ring! (But I love curry and could probably have it 5 days a week, so I guess that’s okay.) “ICH BIN EIN LEFTOVER!” HAHAHA. Ahem. That IS really random…

    • Tze says:

      I love Japanese curry too (always had the instant paste blocks though), but bringing big portions in for lunch would make me really fat. :| Never had actual yakisoba actually, only the version in the rolls from Iimori. :p Hmm, soba and soumen could be a good idea for summer…

      • Zomink says:

        Oh, we all make the curry from the instant paste blocks…I would have no idea how to do it otherwise! :P It’s too bad the block thingies (it’s “ru” in Japanese…no idea where that comes from) are kind of pricey in Germany! You can get  about 200-300 yen (1.5-2.5 euros?) in Japan…boooh! But yes! Soba and somen are also awesome summer food! Nom…!

        • Tze says:

          That’s kind of a relief! I pay 4,50 for a pack with 8 blocks… easily makes 12 big portions. Not too bad I guess as long as I don’t compare to the usual price (I know nothing!)…

  2. Lucretius Williams says:

    Oh, how funny! I just recently discovered Justhungry.com, because I was feverishly searching for a steamed pork bun recipe…. where I am, there isn’t anyplace to buy even a cheap one for something like 200 miles… really *any* decent chinese food. But I miss the steamed pork buns the most.

  3. Moom says:

    That is a cultural refecence to a very famous speech held by President John F. Kennedy in West Berlin in 1963. He used the phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner” to demonstrate his support to the inhabitants desire to remain free. This quote  is so well known, that using “Ich bin ein” + a noun of your choice, is now a part of English language.

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