10 thoughts on “Believe Me: I Really Don’t Know How To Eat Salad

  1. Moom says:

    I’m able to kind of discretely wrestle the external parts inside, using lips and tongue, without sticking my tongue out of course.

    • Tze says:

      ………….XD Maybe I need a tongue with a mini mouth with fangs attached to it like one of those Aliens…

    • Tze says:

      Ahahahahhaa! Well, yes, maybe, but then again I WAS eating a burger on the side with my hands. Dang, I might’ve been able to get away with it then! :D

  2. Zomink says:

    ACK! I suck at eating salad too. I try the fold-n-impale method but sometimes it comes apart right as it approaches my mouth. Ah. FAIL.

  3. M_ says:

    Big leaves are kind of a show of quality around these parts, because you can see that the stuff on your plate is, in fact, real salad – not these tasteless pre-cut, frozen  iceberg scraps they serve you anywhere.

    I recommend just embracing the deliciousness and go with the “fold, dip, eat” technique.

    • Tze says:

      Hmmm I see your point! Hadn’t thought about that actually… they also don’t tend to soak up as much sauce as the small shreds, so I guess big leaves are a good thing when you know how to eat them.

  4. Emilien says:

    Fold in square shape using knife while pinning it down with fork, impale on fork, nom. Rinse&Repeat.

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